Treating Hip Pain Due to a Wide Range of Causes

Whether you’re experiencing mild to moderate discomfort daily or have had a hip replacement, our expert staff can help you improve your quality of life.

Chronic hip pain varies from person to person and can occur due to several different issues, the most common of which are listed below.


One of the main culprits for hip pain is arthritic changes in the hip joint. This can cause excruciating pain that may not be relieved by rest and over-the-counter pain medications.

Cartilage Tears

This type of injury can occur in individuals who repeatedly exhibit twisting motions, or due to traumatic movement.


The hip bursa helps to ease friction caused by muscle fibers rubbing against one another. When they are overused, they can become inflamed. Injections are often used to treat bursitis along with rest and physical therapy.

Some of the conditions above may require surgical intervention, but many can be treated more conservatively. Whether you need surgery or not, our expert physicians and staff can help ease your discomfort with the help of treatment options such as injections and physical therapy referrals, as well as conservative and sparing medication management.

Hip Pain

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Treatments for Hip Pain


COOLIEF RFA is a great option for individuals who suffer from: Knee pain (specifically osteoarthritis) Chronic back pain Hip pain Like other RFA treatments, COOLIEF works by cauterizing a gap in the nerves that communicate pain. COOLIEF uses sterile water-cooled technology and has been proven to treat larger areas in a safer manner.

Other Injections

Blue Ridge Pain Management specializes in administering pain-relieving injections through minimally invasive procedures, effectively stopping painful nerve signals in their tracks. Learn more about the injections we offer. Some of these treatments include: Botox injections: Many people know Botox injections are used to hide facial imperfections that come with age. However, Botox is also used…

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy

PRP injections use tissues from your platelets to stimulate the growth of new cells. Because these tissues come from your blood, there is a higher probability of success compared to tissues from outside sources. Some of the areas PRP therapy treats includes: Tendons Ligaments Muscles Joints While success is not always guaranteed, the chances of…