Living with pain takes care and attention. While Blue Ridge Pain Management can ease, reduce or even eliminate your pain when you visit, sometimes your pain may come back when you’re at home and cannot get back to the clinic. Here are some tips for preventing pain and for treating it at home:

  • Get plenty of sleep. Fatigue can wear on your body, causing more pain than normal. If you are having trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep, avoid caffeine, get some exercise and don’t nap during the day.
  • If you start to feel your pain returning, do not ignore it. If you start to feel depressed about your situation, seek help. Remember that our goal is to get you back to your normal life, not a life of depression.
  • Learn when you might expect more pain than normal, such as at the end of the day, in the morning or after strenuous activity. If you’ve been given a prescription for pain medication, take it before you know your pain will get worse. Always follow your provider’s instructions concerning medication.
  • Adopt a healthy lifestyle. Eat right, exercise, stop smoking cigarettes and manage your stress levels. This advice will help you reduce pain and improve your overall health.