Preparing For Your First Appointment

When you are in chronic pain, you are suffering constantly. That is the time for Blue Ridge Pain Management to get involved.

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We want to make your journey through chronic pain management as easy to navigate as possible.

When your doctor refers you to Blue Ridge Pain Management, medical director, Dr. Charles Buzzanell will review your medical records and review your prognosis to ensure treatment offered at BRPM is suitable for your condition. Once your records have been reviewed, the staff at BRPM will schedule an appointment for you.

Before your first visit, please read the New Patient Letter and download and print the new patient paperwork found below. Fill it out and bring it with you to your visit. This will help you save time at your first appointment. Please bring a photo ID, insurance card with any co-pay and your current medications in their bottles.


When you arrive, your assigned provider will treat you with respect. We will listen closely as you describe your symptoms, carefully review your medical history and thoroughly examine you. We have various procedures and tests at our disposal to diagnose your pain and determine your care needs. We will discuss various options and design a plan based on your requests and our findings. Then we will completely explain a treatment course and goals for your improved pain management and quality of life. Medication will not be prescribed on your first visit.

You can benefit from our services if you suffer from any of the following:

  • Back and neck pain, including herniated discs, spinal stenosis, whiplash injury and fibrositis
  • Complex regional pain syndrome (also known as reflex sympathetic dystrophy or RSD)
  • Muscle and joint pain, including sacroiliac joint and facet joint arthralgia
  • Disorders of the nervous system, including peripheral neuropathy pain from diabetes, shingles or other causes
  • Pain associated with osteoporosis and vertebral compression fractures

Paperwork For Your First Visit

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