Patient Testimonials

What Our Patients Say About Us

March 18, 2014

It’s the special people who help you along the way, and it’s the most important people who care enough to give of themselves unconditionally.


It’s this type of feedback that makes our days worthwhile at Blue Ridge Pain Management. We feel like all of our clients and their families are a part of our work family. And when they tell us how we helped, it is even more special.

Blair goes on to write:

Just a note to thank you for all you have done. In my darkest hours, you brought … the confidence to know that there was a way to manage my pain [and] to remain a person, not just another patient pouring out their pain to you. Day in and day out, you were professional and most important, competent at what you do. You have the gift of healing, not just by meds and shots, but by the special talented health care providers I have come to respect and admire. You listened, and through your knowledge, skill and your gift for healing, brought me to a better place. … You will hold a special place in my prayers.

Here are a few other remarks we’ve received in the past: 

March 18, 2014

When I first visited Jheri Rea, PA-C, I was somewhat hopeless and my pain was very out of control. She not only helped me learn more of my condition, but also taught me how to manage in in a much better way than any physicians assistant before. She has also been the friendliest and personal physicians assistant ever. She has a heart of gold and treats you as if you part of her family, making every visit a pleasant experience and I leave knowing someone really cares for me and wants nothing but the best for me.

My overall pain is in control. Before visiting Jheri Rea, PA-C, I could not seem to manage my everyday pain or my sleep at night. Now I get better nights and know when and how to control my pain.

Arthur. R.

April 14, 2014

I have been doing better since coming here to Blue Ridge Pain Management. Everyone is nice and Dr. Buzzanell has made a big difference in my life. Less Pain and sleeping better. Life in general is lots better.

Dwayne M.

July 9, 2014

I just want to say a big tank-you for the continued kindness and caring atmosphere here at Blue Ridge Pain Management. You all are very outstanding people, I couldn't ask for a better medical family.

Denise C.

July 9, 2014

They made me feel “valued, cared for and respected.” They shared important info about different options and medications.


July 15, 2014

I had knee injection and had no pain with the shot. They were very nice to me at all times.

Chuck R.