Facility Fees

What are Facility Fees?

Facility fees allow a healthcare organization to bill patients a service charge for the use of hospital facilities and equipment. Hospitals can charge patients facility fees if they see physicians who work in an office that is owned by the hospital. Facility fees are often times higher than the cost of the physician’s actual services and may far surpass the cost of providing the same service in a private practice setting. Many insurances do not cover facility fees or cover only a portion. You may have a separate deductible for the facility fee depending on your insurance policy.

Sample Price Differences

Procedure Facility Fee No Facility Fee
SI RFA $9,941 $400
Cervical RFA $5,127 $1,500
Cervical Facets $2,147 $525
SI PPNB $5,456 $275


How to Avoid Facility Fees?

When you make an appointment at a facility, ask if you will be charged a facility fee.

At Blue Ridge Pain Management you will not be charged any facility fees.